How To Prevent Whisker Fatigue

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Cat eating from bowl - whisker fatigue

What is whisker fatigue?

As described by, at the tip of all cat whiskers are proprioceptors, a sensory organ that sends signals to the animal’s nervous system and brain. These tiny organs are so sensitive that they detect vibrations in the air and help a cat navigate around its world, essentially helping them see. Because cat whiskers are this highly sensitive, the theory is that when they constantly rub up against the side of a food bowl, a kitty may become fatigued or stressed. This can result in a number of issues and odd behaviors that include: shifting food out of the bowl and onto the floor to eat from there instead, not eating all their food despite being hungry, acting aggressively towards other pets during meal times, or pacing near the bowl but not eating.

How do you prevent whisker fatigue?

Thankfully, preventing stress related to whisker fatigue is as easy as replacing your cats food and water dish. At meal time, provide a shallow dish wide enough so your cats whiskers do not touch the sides.

Dr. Catsby's Food Bowl For Whisker Relief is a great option.

"This bowl was originally created for cats that experience whisker fatigue but testing revealed that nearly all cats preferred it over competitor products in a side by side test. The perfect shape for this bowl was discovered after taking the measurements of many cats' whiskers and faces and allows comfortable and stress-free feeding. Whiskers will not come into contact with any harsh angles and the food is kept in the center because of the perfect curvature. This is especially important with cats because they all have a blind spot beneath their nose so when they can smell the food it will be exactly where they expect it to be instead of getting caught in sharp corners of high-sided bowls."


Cats also prefer access to fresh water sources. Having a pet fountain in your home is a great way to keep water circulating and fresh.There are many great options for pet fountains on the market but my cats personal favorite is the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain.

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