5 Tips For Keeping The Peace In A Multi-Cat Household

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Cat are like potato chips, it's hard to just have one! So how do you keep the peace when cats are territorial by nature? It requires time, patience, training, and a bit of understanding. Here are 5 tips to keeping the peace among your furry friends in your house. 

Kittens Outside

1. Litter Boxes

The key to dealing with multiple cats is to have multiple litter boxes. Each cat should have their own litter box and they should be spread out around your house, opposed to being right next to each other. If one of your cats is nervous about passing a more aggressive cat on the way to the litter box, it could resort to peeing somewhere it feels more comfortable. Having a covered litter box might also seem tempting but limiting your cats field of vision could leave them feeling vulnerable to an ambush. If you must cover your litter boxes, make sure you use one with a clear lid. 

2. Personal Space

You don't need a huge house to keep all of your cats happy, but you do need enough space to have hiding spots for all of your cats. My two cats often nap together but that doesn’t mean they don’t each need some alone time. Cats who have places where they feel safe to relax and nap will be less stressed than those who feel crowded and vulnerable. Providing your cat with cat trees, window perches, beds in separate rooms, and even an empty card board box can easily reduce your cats anxiety.

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3. Multiple Food Bowls

Since cats are territorial you should make sure they have enough resources to reduce any tension that could arise. Provide a food bowl for each cat, a community bowl could be an invitation for intimidation. Placing food bowls in different rooms of the house is a good idea if you have a food aggressive cat. If one of your cats is guarding the bowl in the kitchen, it'll be good for your other cat to know that there is another food bowl in a spare bedroom. 

4. Individualized Playtime

Engaging your cat in interactive playtime is an important part of creating a strong bond between you and your cat. Make sure you set aside time in the day to individually play with each of your cats. Competing for toys can lead to aggression and intimidation. If you do have cats that play well together with interactive toys it's important to make sure each one gets a turn.

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5. Introduce Your Cats Slowly

Introducing a new cat into your household shouldn't be taken lightly. Always make sure you separate the new cat in a room that is safe. Let your cats smell each other through the door and gradually introduce them over time. Monitoring your the cats behavior while they are getting used to each other allows you to see if there is any tension. If tension arises use appropriate behavior modification techniques to diffuse and prevent the situation from escalating into something hostile. 

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