National Black Cat Day: Why You Should Own A Black Cat

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Because of superstitious beliefs in some countries, black cats are looked at as bad luck, often feared, and sadly are more likely to be euthanized. Black Cat Appreciation Day was launched to raise awareness about black cats. As an owner of a black cat i know first hand how special and loving black cats can be. 


Black Cat Tongue Out


1. Black Cats Live Longer

Science isn't really sure why, but black cats live longer than cats of different colors. It is believed that they have a stronger immune system due to the melanin in their fur. While some black cats are black because of their genetics, others are a product of natural selection via mutation which increases fitness and longevity.

Black Cat Outside in the grass

2. Black Hair Blends Better

Unlike other cat colors, black hair is harder to spot. Think about it, most people tend to own more black than white. Black hair is also easier to see on light colored furniture making it easier to pick up, and if your furniture is dark you won't even have to worry about cleaning up the cat hair before company arrives. ;)

Black Cat On Couch

3. Black Cats Bring Love

Japanese believe that black cats are good luck for single women. A recent pole in Japan revealed that women who were single and then found love, owned a black cat. Many Japanese women adopt black cats with the hopes that true love will follow. 

Black Kitten

4. Black Cats Are Ninjas

Black cats can blend and disappear into anything, the furniture, blankets, bushes, you name it, they can hide in it. Plus black cats become invisible at night. The only thing cooler than a ninja is being the parent of one. 

Black Ninja Cat - catari cats

5. You Get To Join The Exclusive Black Cat Club

A lot of people own cat, but not everyone owns a black cat. Once you take on the title "black cat owner" you'll immediately bond with others who own these mystical cats. Black cats are also iconic, almost all the famous cartoon cats are black. Owning a black cat is almost like being a celebrity. 



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