Office Cats Reduce Stress & Help With Productivity

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Work can be stressful. There are deadlines to meet, projects to finish, and management constantly breathing down your neck. According to research from the professional service firm Towers Watson, stress leads to lower engagement, less productivity, and a higher absentee rate. So what's a good way to relieve stress and increase productivity? Office Cats! 

Office Cats

A friendly and cultivating office environment is the best way to decrease stress levels. This is where our feline friends come in. When you pet a cat oxytocin and serotonin are released in your brain, automatically providing stress relief. Cats have also been known to lower blood pressure and help with anxiety. 

Office Cat

Companies who have already implemented office cats, like the Japanese company Ferray Corportion, have noticed that the cats have increased inter-office communication and created a more happy upbeat social atmosphere. Bonding with fellow co-workers as you gush over cats provides a more peaceful and productive work space for everyone.  

Cat On Fax Machine

Sure they display normal kitty behavior like walking on keyboards, chewing on cords, and having a little fun with the printer. However, the small nuisances are worth the benefits these furry friends provide. 

office cats

You may have to fight with your HR team to get them to adopt a cat-friendly office policy but it would be well worth the shot. 

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